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This page lists the full differential equations exams available on this web-site. In order to keep exams from the same semester together, we have labeled the semesters A, B, C, etc. So exams from the same semester were given sequentially by the same instructor, in the same semester.
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Exam-Taking Tips

Each exam page contains a full exam with detailed solutions. Most of these are actual exams from previous semesters used in college courses. You may use these as practice problems or as practice exams. Here are some suggestions on how to use these to help you prepare for your exams.

- Set aside a chunk of full, uninterrupted time, usually an hour to two, to work each exam.
- Go to a quiet place where you will not be interrupted that duplicates your exam situation as closely as possible.
- Use the same materials that you are allowed in your exam (unless the instructions with these exams are more strict).
- Use your calculator as little as possible except for graphing and checking your calculations.
- Work the entire exam before checking any solutions.
- After checking your work, rework any problems you missed and go to the 17calculus page discussing the material to perfect your skills.
- Work as many practice exams as you have time for. This will give you practice in important techniques, experience in different types of exam problems that you may see on your own exam and help you understand the material better by showing you what you need to study.

Exams can cover only so much material. Instructors will sometimes change exams from one semester to the next to adapt an exam to each class depending on how the class performs during the semester while they are learning the material. So just because you do well (or not) on these practice exams, does not necessarily mean you will do the same on your exam. Your instructor may ask completely different questions from these. That is why working lots of practice problems will prepare you better than working just one or two practice exams.
Calculus is not something that can be learned by reading. You have to work problems on your own and struggle through the material to really know calculus, do well on your exam and be able to use it in the future.

Full Semester Differential Equations Exams

We plan to post full semester exams here.

Various Differential Equations Exams

Although in general, we prefer to post exams from full semesters, we do not have access to the full semester for the following exams. You can look at the page for these exams to see a full list of material that is covered. These are also helpful for studying for your comprehensive final exam.

Exam 1 - separation of variables, exact equations, projectile motion, chemical concentration in fluids

Exam 2 - separation of variables, first-order linear homogeneous, Wronskian, undetermined coefficients, variation of parameters

Exam 3 - separation of variables, linear homogeneous, Wronskian, undetermined coefficients, variation of parameters, linear systems

Exam 4 - Laplace Transforms, series solutions, undetermined coefficients, linear integrating factors, linear systems

You CAN Ace Differential Equations

Trig Formulas

The Unit Circle

The Unit Circle [wikipedia]

Basic Trig Identities

Set 1 - basic identities

\(\displaystyle{ \tan(t) = \frac{\sin(t)}{\cos(t)} }\)

\(\displaystyle{ \cot(t) = \frac{\cos(t)}{\sin(t)} }\)

\(\displaystyle{ \sec(t) = \frac{1}{\cos(t)} }\)

\(\displaystyle{ \csc(t) = \frac{1}{\sin(t)} }\)

Set 2 - squared identities

\( \sin^2t + \cos^2t = 1\)

\( 1 + \tan^2t = \sec^2t\)

\( 1 + \cot^2t = \csc^2t\)

Set 3 - double-angle formulas

\( \sin(2t) = 2\sin(t)\cos(t)\)

\(\displaystyle{ \cos(2t) = \cos^2(t) - \sin^2(t) }\)

Set 4 - half-angle formulas

\(\displaystyle{ \sin^2(t) = \frac{1-\cos(2t)}{2} }\)

\(\displaystyle{ \cos^2(t) = \frac{1+\cos(2t)}{2} }\)

Trig Derivatives

\(\displaystyle{ \frac{d[\sin(t)]}{dt} = \cos(t) }\)


\(\displaystyle{ \frac{d[\cos(t)]}{dt} = -\sin(t) }\)

\(\displaystyle{ \frac{d[\tan(t)]}{dt} = \sec^2(t) }\)


\(\displaystyle{ \frac{d[\cot(t)]}{dt} = -\csc^2(t) }\)

\(\displaystyle{ \frac{d[\sec(t)]}{dt} = \sec(t)\tan(t) }\)


\(\displaystyle{ \frac{d[\csc(t)]}{dt} = -\csc(t)\cot(t) }\)

Inverse Trig Derivatives

\(\displaystyle{ \frac{d[\arcsin(t)]}{dt} = \frac{1}{\sqrt{1-t^2}} }\)


\(\displaystyle{ \frac{d[\arccos(t)]}{dt} = -\frac{1}{\sqrt{1-t^2}} }\)

\(\displaystyle{ \frac{d[\arctan(t)]}{dt} = \frac{1}{1+t^2} }\)


\(\displaystyle{ \frac{d[\arccot(t)]}{dt} = -\frac{1}{1+t^2} }\)

\(\displaystyle{ \frac{d[\arcsec(t)]}{dt} = \frac{1}{\abs{t}\sqrt{t^2 -1}} }\)


\(\displaystyle{ \frac{d[\arccsc(t)]}{dt} = -\frac{1}{\abs{t}\sqrt{t^2 -1}} }\)

Trig Integrals

\(\int{\sin(x)~dx} = -\cos(x)+C\)


\(\int{\cos(x)~dx} = \sin(x)+C\)

\(\int{\tan(x)~dx} = -\ln\abs{\cos(x)}+C\)


\(\int{\cot(x)~dx} = \ln\abs{\sin(x)}+C\)

\(\int{\sec(x)~dx} = \) \( \ln\abs{\sec(x)+\tan(x)}+C\)


\(\int{\csc(x)~dx} = \) \( -\ln\abs{\csc(x)+\cot(x)}+C\)

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